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Friday, May 9, 2008

Excel Password Protection - Part 3

In our 2 previous posts, Excel Password Protection Part 1 & Part 2, we tackled 2 ways to protect your Excel spreadsheets. The first part was about protecting the Excel file itself. The second was about security at the worksheet level.

We are now in the third part of Excel Password Protection series. It's time discuss how to give security to your valued source code. Here are the steps:

1.) Open your Excel file with the VBA program. Load the VBE from the menu by clicking Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor.

2.) At the VBE menu, click Tools>VBAProject Properties and the Protection tab. Its window look like the screen shot below:

3.) Tick the checkbox to lock the project's code for viewing and at the last part of the window, you need to enter your password in both the "Password" and "Confirm Password" text fields. This is to make sure that you didn't put in a misspelled one.

4.) Click OK button

So that's it. Isn't it simple. The next time you open your Excel file and its VBE, you will not see your program unless you enter the right password.

In this Part 1-3 of Excel Password Protection series, we haven't done any programming yet, but in the next post, you will learn how to make your own VBA program to protect some portion of your Excel file from unauthorized access, execution or modification. You haven't seen the best part yet. So you better come back here. Subcribe now for free by clicking here.

After this password series, I will start to discuss (mostly) about business processes and Excel and VBA can be a good part of them. Right now, I've been thinking what to tackle first. I want you, my readers, to help me out on what particular interest most of my readers are into. I want to give what you want, so please help me by voting at the "Poll" section at the right side of this page. The one that has the highest vote will be touched here first.

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